Whatever shape and size you are, you should be proud to be a woman. Embracing your womanhood was revered, because women are beautiful, we bring life into the world and nurture the young. We work hard and play equal roles just as men do, so there is no reason to not be proud of being a woman! Yes we love to be catered to by our men and of course men love to see us as their source of weakness at times. Most of us women today are all work and no play, no down time to just sit back and enjoy life. That's where we come in, PinkSugga will help you regain the confidence and self esteem that you may lack. Your attitude, your energy, your style, as well as your looks can get you noticed in a crowd. Let's bring that sexy back! 



Women are pillars of support, strength, and embedded with the instinct of survival. Women have an inherent ability to stand on their own, when they need to, and provide support in times of need. Coming together to build with one another, not tearing one another down being divided by the stereotypical standards.




Giving back to those whom matter is also a HUGE part of PinkSugga. We volunteer tremendously and effortlessly to nonprofit organizations, women/children homeless shelters, boys/girls club, YMCA etc.  Our services are always FREE!!!